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Here are some links to more compositions by Janine

The Duel and Death of Lensky. Choreographer, James Streeter. Ballet performed in Opera Holland Park as part of the Dance Holland Park series. The composition for string quartet was inspired by the opera Yevgeny Onegin during the duel scene between Lensky and Onegin. Below are excepts from the rehearsal.

How To Become a Criminal Mastermind. Director and script by Henry Scriven. Feature film, British comedy. The soundtrack uses varying styles ranging from Spanish guitars to electronic music.

PROTO - Short Film. Director and script by Nick Pittom. Producer, Richard Georg Engstrom and Eye Candy Film. An orchestral score was composed for this film.

Save The Cerrado Advert for the World Wildlife Fund. Director, Kirk Hendry. Th1ng Productions.

Junk. Director, Kirk Hendry, Th1ng Productions. Orchestral score composed for this short animation.

Click Here - to listen to the music of Junk, composed by Janine Forrester.

Victim Support Advert (Viral). Producer, Josh Ward.

Kook. Director, Thanadul Lam. Music composed for a short film for a WWF competition to raise awareness about animal cruelty.

This Dark Place. Director, Lee Neville. Lee Neville Entertainment. Music composed for a short film.

Will and the Wonder Team. Director, Roubina Tchoboian. A song composed to accompany the opening credits of this childrenʼs animation.

The Ballet Shoes. Director, Baitalikee Ghosh. Music composed for the soundtrack for this short drama. Wet Sand Production.

Donʼt Feed the Animals. Director, Mog McIntyre. Music and sound design created for the intro and ending of this radio play.

Bournemouth Skillset Screen and Media Academy Show Reel. Available on their website. Contemporary music track composed to accompany the footage.